2G GSM Gate Opener/Intercom

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GSM x31-3bi
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PC free-   Easy simple programming!


GSM remote controller has 6 signals Inputs for sensors or switches and 4 relay outputs to control the appliances using SMS or short Call. Also this controller has Intercom option which allows customers communicate by voice channel. 

Authorized users then can trigger gate controller outputs, using a short call or text SMS. If user mobile number is recognized in the controller address book, relay is being triggered.


GSM remote controller can be used:

       Parking entrance control ,barriers       Entrance doors and garage doors

  Pumps, valves switching                     Home heating boiler control

 Computer, router, server restarting       Holiday home security









·       Simple Installation

·       Makes phone calls to mobile phones and fixed line telephone numbers

·       Easy remote programming by SMS

·       Allows up to 250 authorized numbers to "dial the gate" to open at no call cost

·       Calls up to 4 numbers in sequence

·       Speak to your visitor even when you are not at home

·       ADD or DELETE Users remotely by text SMS

·       Relay output Timer from 1sec – 9999sec

·       Each User can control individually relay output

·       Only preprogrammed numbers can get access

·       Network Level control

·       Work from anywhere in the world

·       QUADBAND System  2G

·       Waterproof plastic cabinet

·       Power 12VDC 0.45A

·       Small PCB dimensions allow install controller in to any equipment enclosures

·       2 year manufacturer’s warranty included






·       Administrators 1

·       Users database up to 250

·       Power supply 12VDC 50 Hz ~ 200 mA max

·       Current consumption in idle state w/o external devices connected up to 50mA

·       GSM modem frequency  2G 850/900/1800/1900MHz

·       Number of alarm Inputs 6

·       Key Input

·       Number of outputs 4

·       Output type Relay Maximum commuting output values 24V 50Hz ~ 0,5A / 24V 1A

·       Dimensions 65×110×20 mm

·       Operating temperature range -20…+55 °C