SMA SI5048 solar Inverter

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SMA Sunny Island 5000Watt 48Volt 100Amp Inverter Charger

New SMA SI5048 Inverter was just installed on the wall, but never connected to the grid and battery bank. Missed packing box

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Sunny Island 5000Watt 48Volt Off Grid Inverter/Charger


The Sunny Island SI5048 is a bidirectional battery inverter and charge, ideally suited for use in stand-alone grid operation. This  inverter allows you to charge lead acid batteries, using power sources provided on the AC side (eg. generator, mains grid, Sunny Boy). The Sunny Island SI5048 creates a 230 V AC stand-alone grid using the energy stored in the batteries, allowing stable operation of connected loads and power generation devices.


The Sunny Island service life over 20 years makes it a future-proof investment and also works reliably under extreme ambient conditions, such as high temperature or excessive dust.


Other AC sources can be easily connected to the AC bus and therefore substantially increase performance on the AC side. This allow batteries and generators to be smaller. The integrated smooth startup mode allows all loads to be started safely.




  • Energy sources can also be connected on the DC side, as long as their specified limits are not exceeded.
  • The Sunny Island SI5048 will switch off particular loads if the batteries don't have sufficient electrical energy available.
  • The Sunny Island SI 5048 can be used in different system configurations.
  • The AC coupling developed by SMA provides maximum flexibility in expanding the system, reduces installation efforts and costs.
  • For applications from 3 kW to 78 kW
  • AC/DC coupling of all energy sources and consumption
  • Parallel connection in single- and three-phase operation
  • Modularly expandable
  • Excellent overload characteristics
  • Intelligent battery management for maximum battery durability
  • Easy and intuitive handling
  • Compatible with Sunny Family products

Technical Specifications


Output Data
Rated AC voltage adjustable 202 V - 253 V
Grid frequency adjustable 45 Hz - 65 Hz
Continuous AC output at 25 °C / 45 °C 5000 W / 4000 W
Continuous AC output at 25°C for 30 / 5 / 1 min 6500 W / 7200 W / 8400 W
Rated AC current 21 A
Max current "peak value " for 100 ms 100 A
Output voltage harmonic distortion factor < 3 %
Power factor - 1 to + 1
Input Data
Input voltage 172.5 V - 250 V
Input frequency 40 Hz - 70 Hz
Max AC input current 2 A - 56 A
Max input power 12.8 KW
Battery Data
Battery voltage range 48 V - 63 V
Max battery charging current 120 A
Continuous charging current 100 A
Battery capacity 100 Ah - 10000 Ah
Charge control IUoU with automatic full charge and equalization charge
Efficiency / Power Consumption
Max efficiency 95 %
Own consumption (no load / standby ) 25 W / < 4 W
Device protection Short circuit, overload, over temperature
Mechanical Data
Dimensions 467W x 612H x 235D mm
Weight 63 kg